Poster: The first point of sales

Published: Wednesday, 30 March 2016 11:43

The often forgotten sales tool

Quite often with film we think of a trailer as being the first things that we see of when a new film comes out. The poster though is more than likely the first point of contact the audience has with a project, especially on no to low budget projects. With Vengeance we wanted to do it right from the start. On other projects we've created a teaser poster and then waited until the film is complete the finish a final poster. However we wanted to create something that could spark really interest in our project and get people engaging with us and also we wanted our project to look like it is a much larger project. It's all about intent and we want to be making much larger scale films, so this is where we have to pitch ourselves. Not to mention the fact that the story we are telling in Vengeance is a much broader story so we needed a dynamic and exciting poster to relect that. here's the final poster for you to enjoy.